Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rock Climbing

So these past three months I've decided to take up a new hobby, indoor rock climbing. Now my goal is to get good enough and have the confidence to actually take some trips to do some real outdoor climbing, but for now its all indoor training. Vertical Ventures in Tampa is primarily where I go once or twice a week to get my fix, but this past sunday a buddy and I drove out to Melbourne to check out On The Edge climbing gym. He packed a cooler with sandwiches fruit and cold drinks. It was pretty cool, lots of tricky boulder problems and high top roping. Each gym has different things to offer. I'm straight hooked, I mean I have the climbing bug as some may put it. This has helped me step out and remember how much fun it is to be active and go outdoors. Next venture will be purchase a kayak for myself. A Christmas gift to myself that I can get good use of. Here are a couple pics of the gym in Melbourne.