Saturday, May 29, 2010

Space scene and flowers

Here's a couple of tattoos I finally got to photograph. The space scene will actually be a full half sleeve soon. We are going to add more on the inside. Possibly a space telescope or satellite. The magnolia flowers are on my friend Samantha, she requested them in black and gray.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More skull paintings

This first painting I did using oils. It's only my second finished oil painting, I truly enjoyed working on this piece. First because of the challenge and second because I learned how to move and play with the paint during these sessions with this piece of canvas. I've started some new pieces which I will post progress pics soon. Keep checking back. The next piece I did was done with watercolors and prismamarkers. Fun little tattoo styled piece. cheers !

New Convention Banner

I worked on a new banner for the Tried and True Expo. I spent more time than I had imagined, but loved doing it, especially for it being of such a large scale. I rarely paint at this size, perhaps I'll start. I have this hanging at home so I can actually put a few more hours into it before the next convention, which is in Toronto next month. Again lots of fun to do.

2nd Annual Tried and True Tattoo Expo

So this past weekend I had a great time at the Orlando show. It's held in a super nice hotel,The Rosen Centre, with a list of top artist from around the states. Getting this many people in one room is always impressive and inspirational. Good times, good times indeed. And as usual I left the convention satisfied and excited that I was able to meet new people and spend time with old friends. I worked on some cool "in progress tattoos" which should be all finished within the next several months. I'll keep ya posted. Here's a few pics of our booth. Enjoy !
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